25-T05 Islamic Art

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Dozentin: Hana Shawer

Hana is a visual artist who is passionate about art and its impact on human‘s development. She is experienced in designing and facilitating art sessions, with a motivation to accompany participants through different experiences that depends on practical involvement and reflection to explore and better realize themselves and the surrounding through.

Hana volunteered for eight years as a fine arts instructors in different NGOs in Egypt with an intention to support orphan and street kids, and unprevilaged families to help them unfold their potential through various artistic processes. And she is currently implimenting the same concept in the academic field, as she works as a lecturer assistant in Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development in Egypt, working mainly students and staff members from different specializations and backgrounds. Hana is basically assuring safe enviroment that encourages participants to try new artistic experiences, and reflect on them.


This topic tackles the philosophy behind Islamic Art in some examples, and how far diversity, unity, connection and acceptance are basic concepts that are shown through Islamic Art. It also shows the impact of different cultures on Islamic Art through various manifestations in different parts in the world.

I expect that you come with no expectations at all 😊 yet open and ready to go through a new experience, and the willing to engage with the group.