11-T14 Poetry and Freedom

Aus Jugendsymposion

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Peter Lutzker

war von 1986-2011 Lehrer für Englisch und Musik an Waldorfschulen, zuerst in Frankfurt/Main, anschließend in Düsseldorf. Seit 1991 Dozent in der Aus-und Fortbildung von Fremdsprachenlehren. Ab 2010 Professor an der Freie Hochschule in Stuttgart mit den Schwerpunkten pädagogische Anthropologie und Fremdsprachendidaktik.


These sessions will explore the possibilities of taking poetry ›off the page‹ and into the realm of drama and performance. We will begin each session with a range of theatre ›warm-up‹ exercises: afterwards, students will rehearse in small groups different English poems that address the theme of freedom in a variety of ways. We will be working in English, but these are not English lessons and participants should certainly not worry about making mistakes, or about their English not being good enough; this kind of workshop only requires openness and a willingness to experiment artistically in a foreign language.